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Live Better, Live Longer
Healthspan Medical

Start Your Journey to Optimal Wellness with Personalised, Evidence-based Longevity Strategies for a Vibrant and Extended Life. 

Our Mission

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all health solutions that ignore who you are?


Healthspan Medical introduces a breakthrough in personalised healthcare. Our comprehensive Longevity Program is designed around your unique genetic blueprint, lifestyle, and goals.

Healthspan Focus 

From comprehensive assessments to bespoke wellness plans, explore services designed around you.

Healthspan Longevity Program

Ready to take control of your health journey? Schedule your comprehensive health assessment and start our comprehensive Longevity Program.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr Alex, is a medical doctor working across Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centres and General Practice across Vic, Australia. In addition, Alex attends racing and extreme sports events as well as being an active Director for an emergency first aid response and training organisation. Alex also holds a degree in Paramedicine and lectures paramedic students at Monash University. He conducts a great deal of research, with more than 60 peer reviewed publications, as well being the author of several textbooks, and editor of two books.

  • detailed hsm report with risks and longevity assessment

  • ⁠actionable steps

  • ⁠organising of additional investigations depending on clinical indications 

  • ⁠in person detailed physical and fitness assessment

  • ⁠online platform with your own data. 

  • ⁠hsm index

Longevity Report

  • monthly scheduled proactive zoom call

  • ⁠three monthly reassessments 

  • ⁠24/7 support 

  • ⁠access to GP services at additional costs

  • ⁠access to an ever growing library of research reviews and articles

  • ⁠community access to like minded longevity fanatics 


Our Services

From our comprehensive assessment and report, to our ongoing membership, our focus is your longevity journey.



We invest hours in understanding your unique story, ensuring our care is as individual as your fingerprint.


Evidence Based

Our treatments and advice are rooted in the latest, proven research to ensure you're receiving nothing but the best.



With genetic insights and a thorough analysis of your body's composition, we tailor a health blueprint designed just for you.



We bring you the latest advancements and news, turning information into health transformation.



We set clear, precise goals tailored to your health aspirations to navigate the path to victory over vagueness.



We provide clear, structured actions that empower you to take control of your health journey today.

Our Promise

Our approach with all our patients is to be personalised, evidence-based proactive and targeted - all in with the goal of delivering you individualised actionable steps.

Insights for a Healthier Tomorrow

Explore the latest in health, fitness, and longevity through our expertly curated articles and tips.

Live Longer 

Live Better 

The Future of Healthcare in Australia

Discover how longevity healthcare is pivotal in ensuring those years are vibrant and healthy.

Contact Us

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us via the below options.


Office. 0435 673 176

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2/436 Waverley Road, Malvern East VIC 3145

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